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No, as a buyer you do not pay us. The agents involved in the sale of a house are paid by the seller’s fee paid to the Listing Brokerage.
Call us if you see a house on the internet, in an ad, on a sign, or an open house no matter what company. Do not call the listing agent. We can provide additional information and quickly arrange a showing at a convenient time for you.
MLS is the Multiple Listing Service for a real estate properties. We have access to the full listing details on all properties currently available and previously sold listings by any real estate company using our London and St. Thomas Real Estate Board membership.
No you do not. Lender staff are on salary. Mortgage Development Managers are paid by the lender.
The lender has taken title of the property from the previous owner for failure to make mortgage payments or failure to pay property taxes.
HST will apply to sales closing after June 2010. HST will result in tax on select new homes (not resale homes), legal fees, moving costs, real estate commissions and home inspections increasing from 5% to 13%.
Most closings are 30 to 90 days. With the sellers agreement it is possible to close in as little as 14 days.
The deposit is typically 1% of the purchase price ($200,000 purchase price = $2,000 deposit). The Broker who listed the property holds the deposit in trust until closing when it becomes part of your purchase payment total amount.
The calculation for a typical residential house is 1.385% of the assessed value of the home. To get a general idea of what your taxes will be, multiply the sale value of the house by 0.01385 to achieve an approximate value for the annual taxes ($200,000 purchase price x 0.01385 = $2,770).